• fit-for-purpose
    software solutions
    that make business
    painpoints go away
  • Custom Software Development
    Customisable CRM & Business Solutions
    Viticulture & Horticulture Solutions
    Training & Education Solutions
    Property Management Solutions
  • A comprehensive viticulture software solution
    • Store documents for any person, organisation, vineyard or location
    • Record notes, incidents, hazards against any person, organisation, vineyard or location
    • Review profit and performance reports per block, vineyard, contract or location
    • Improve your profitability by making your life and your staffs lives easier

InfoPower is a business solutions software company. We have been around for over 20 years and are very proud of our track record in making business painpoints go away. That's what we do - pure and simple.


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The right solutions come from new thinking, brave ideas and a genuine desire to help. The fit-for-purpose solutions (whether they are customisable CRM, mobility or other business offerings) come from our consulting and solutions teams.

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Our values shape who we are and how we work and our relationships.

We have GRIT - we stay the distance.

We always show WILLINGNESS to help.

With an OPEN MIND we embrace new thinking and ideas.

By EXACTITUDE we mean precision, sharp thinking and clarity.

Our CREATIVITY shows in the solutions we bring to solve everyday business problems.

DECENCY means that we always treat people with respect.