Organisations want teams that actively contribute to enhanced performance, delivery and an improved bottom line. This desire is often hampered by fundamental problems such as disparate systems or systems just not “fit-for-pupose”, lack of integration, excessive reliance on paper, antiquated processes and as a result - poor information.

In over 20 years InfoPower hasn’t forgotten that fundamental truth for business – that information is power. We want organisations to have teams comprised of knowledge workers, harnessing the power of their business information.


InfoPower is here to make business painpoints go away. Our primary focus is on servicing the business information needs of SME/SMBs (small to medium enterprises/businesses); we have also undertaken projects for corporates, education and government agencies. Over the years, we have designed and built customised software solutions to meet a wide range of client needs including:

  • Management of a large portfolio of brokered loans
  • Property Portfolio Management
  • Emergency Preparedness and Alerting
  • Business Process and Information Management
  • Sales and Leads Tracking
  • Student Survey Creation, Analysis and Reporting
  • Membership Management
  • System Integration (with Finance, Payroll, Marketing and other systems)
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Energy Market Monitoring Tools
  • Bill of Materials and Product Tracking
  • Student and Training Management

Whatever the need, we always provide: a complete solution through software that is straightforward, transparent and easy to use. InfoPower supplies and implements packaged software solutions for a range of business needs. Some examples are:

We collaborate with clients ensure that together, we deliver the right, fit-for-purpose software solution for information optimisation. We do this by bringing solid business thinking and creative solutions to the relationship through our two, integrated teams:

powerconsulting – our business advisors and analysts work closely with the client to ascertain what the real needs are, rather than taking things at face value. Our clients appreciate that we are never reactive to a brief. In short, they value our advice.

powersolutions – the development team mirrors this solid thinking and couples it with creative solutions which are built using best practice and the latest software offerings.