Based in Wellington, InfoPower has a solid reputation for servicing businesses nationwide for over 20 years. Our focus is on providing business improvements through a fully integrated, highly skilled, creative totally committed team of IT and business practitioners. We deliver business consulting and custom software solutions.

Punching well above our weight – we are known for having the intellectual grunt coupled with a fierce determination to provide custom solutions. We’re highly responsive, agile and accessible.

Our people have fun creating what they do and deliver exciting solutions our clients because we believe, both parties should benefit from collaboration. InfoPower crafts superb fit-for-purpose solutions on the back of new thinking, brave ideas and a desire to provide the right results.

Innovative Tech - Vinea

At InfoPower we are proud of our innovative software for the horticulture and viticulture sectors. ‘Growing’ business contribute almost $5 billion per annum in exports to the NZ economy, utilising over 135,000 hectares of land and employing almost 100,000 people. This leading edge software, aptly titled Vinea (latin for vine), streamlines the management of workers and jobs in the field, saving time and reducing costs. It’s accessible in the office and the field on tablets and is perfect for growers and contractors looking for efficiency gains, paperwork reductions, and an improved bottom line.

Shane Wood Managing Director I started Information Power back in 1993. In the early days we were doing data integration and programming. 1997 was a watershed year when we picked up a small, but progressive client that gave us sig... More »


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